Sunday 2 May 2010

Too wet for gardening

We've had heavy bouts of rain from Friday - not that I'm complaining. In any event, there's not much to do in my tiny plot at the moment and it stops me going out every 5 minutes to see if any of the seed I've sown has germinated.

As I mentioned in my last post, I've designated a strip against the fence to grow some climbing green beans. I decided to give half of them a head start by sowing some in pots indoors. My plan is to plant them out after all risk of frost and, at the same time, sow some extra seeds direct in the ground so hopefully, I'll get an extended cropping season with the outdoor ones producing beans a little later than the indoor sown ones.

I am delighted that the beans I sowed in pots a week or so ago have started germinating.

I also sowed some pumpkin (shown in the picture below) courgettes, coriander, parsley and cherry tomatoes which have all started germinating too.

Am now looking forward to the weather getting warmer and sunnier although it will take a number of days to harden the indoor seedlings off before planting out in their final positions.

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