Monday, 22 March 2010

Green shoots

In my last post a week ago, I wrote about the lateness of daffodils. My dafs are now completely out: it was just a matter of 2 days before they started showing lots of colour. Great that they are in pots as I have moved them to a position so I can see them from my bedroom window every morning when I open the curtains - so cheerful.

The rhubarb is also coming along leap and bounds and there's a couple of inches worth of deep red stem now showing.

The plum tree on the other hand, is looking remarkably bare. It began to worry me as other plants are showing signs of waking up including my clematis and honeysuckle. I decided to make a really close inspection and found (to my great pleasure) one bud which is just beginning to show green (picture inset). Hope springs eternal.

Monday, 15 March 2010

The sun has got his hat last

Dare I say it....has spring finally sprung? The BBC's One Show had a short piece about the fact that daffodils have been very late to flower this year resulting in a shortage for mother's day. So much for global warming.

Indeed, despite being in a really sheltered spot, even my dafs haven't quite bloomed yet although I reckon another couple of days should do it - same with my hyacinths.

And just to prove that spring seems to be well on her way, my rhubarb is throwing out her first main leaves. Come to mama !

Monday, 1 March 2010

Everything's coming up....RHUBARB

Well ok, not EVERYTHING is coming up, but my new rhubarb crown (bought last October) certainly is. There's a lovely fat bud poking through the soil surface.