Monday 16 November 2009

Wild and windy

Saturday was blowing a gale. So much so, it blew the fleece cover off my new raised bed in which I planted some onion sets and sowed some over-wintering lettuce about 3 weeks ago.

Just as well because some of the onions had already sprouted and growing tall enough to be bent over by the fleece.

Luckily the weather calmed down and I managed to get onto the terrace to take a good look (and do some weeding) on Sunday which was actually quite a nice sunny day.
As it's still a little blowy but not too cold, I've decided not to replace the fleece yet but I've left the netting on just in case an foxes decide to take an interest

The germination of the lettuce is still very sparse but I'm sure it will pick up in due course although I will put the fleece back on if it turns particularly cold.

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