Monday 9 November 2009

My new Cranberry bush

Well, it's hardly a bush....yet!

I've never grown cranberries before so I am eager to see how this turns out, especially as it will be grown in a container.

It was a (sort of) impulse buy on my last trip to the garden centre. As you will see from my profile, I don't have a car and there are no garden centres within easy walking distance so I needed to make the most of my friend's kind invitation to take me to one.

Although I'd planned to buy some fruit plants, I hadn't really considered cranberries, so when I saw this I got a little excited and in my excitement forgot that cranberries need an acid soil (ericaceous compost), which, of course I didn't buy at the time.

As with the rhubarb plant, the pot it came in was around 30cm/12 inches deep and, as with the rhubarb, when I turned it out, the roots were only about 4 inches down the pot.

Assuming the garden centre had potted it in the right sort of compost, I decided to take the chance and mix the surplus compost in the original pot with coir, which is the sustainable equivalent of peat so basically neutral in acidity.
It's now in a 30cm/12" wide pot which may be a little on the small side but will do for now and there won't be any cranberries this year - hopefully next in time for Christmas.

Fingers crossed it does the trick and the plant survives until I can get some ericaceous compost. And you never know, maybe I'll get away with not having to buy any at all.

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